Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Are we friends?

When you think about your spouse, does the word friend come to mind? Often things like partners, lovers, helper, roommates come but what about friendship? 

It can be a terribly lonely position to be the Pastor’s wife. And you may not always have a friend that you can trust with certain things you want to talk about. Even though your spouse wont’t take the place of a good girl’s fun weekend, they can be your dearest friend, if you put the work in to help make it happen. One of things that I’ve done to help cultivate my relationship with my husband is that I’ve become a student of all things Joel. I take note of what he likes, enjoys, finds exciting, and I’ve learned how to incorporate bits and pieces of those into my own life. No I don’t have a sports team but when I run across an interesting tidbit on the internet, I bring it up and let him either explain it to me or discuss it with him. Those little snippets of information sometimes lead to our most enjoyable conversations. 

As with all friendships, your love a devotion towards him will also lead to a deeper relationship for both of you. It helps to have a friend that you trust and that will understand when you need to vent about something small and very church specific. I’d highly recommend cultivating that friendship with your spouse.

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