Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 I recently was reading some random tweets and one of me struck me all wrong. A young youth minister was told by her youth group that she dresses like a pastor’s wife. She was aghast. I was aghast!

Is it an insult to tell someone that they dress like a Mrs. Pastor? It certainly felt like that was the case when I read this tweet. But the reality is that we don’t have a dress code do we, Mrs. Pastor? We are women and men that dress the gambit from head coverings to high tops. We’re not required to wear frumpy clothes that hide our personality. We have freedom in Christ. Freedom to dress in ways that glorify God by celebrating our uniqueness. 

We’re allowed to pierce our noses, tuck our hair away in buns, wear mini skirts, or maxis. It’s not an insult to dress like a Mrs. Pastor. It should be a joy. A joy because when we know who we are, we’re comfortable in our skin and want our clothes to express that love of self, too. So the next time you or I randomly run across someone trying to besmirch how we dress, let’s remind them we dint have a dress code. 

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