Thursday, October 7, 2021

Let’s do something

 Our daughter has grown up in the church, she’s almost an independent adult now. We homeschooled, we travelled, we did Sunday school, we studied the Bible, we locked down, she’s been there through it all. This is the kid who asked one night about someone who had been in the hospital if they died or went home because she knew those were the two main ways people leave hospitals. 

When she started texting, we started sending each other silly memes like the one above. Some I’ve sent have been big flops, others have been shared with her friends. It’s important to discover something that you can do with your children outside of church. It doesn’t matter if it’s cycling, exploring restaurants, basket weaving, or meme sharing. Taking time to connect with our family can be a bright spot for you and them. 

What’s something you can do with your family that’s not related to church?

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