Monday, October 11, 2021

Not the Mama!


Do you remember the baby Dino, Sinclair? He loves to tell people they weren’t his momma. I mention him today because there’s a culture that I’ve seen in the United States of wives not only treating their husband like children but referring to them that way as well. Jokingly they’ll call their husband “my other son.” Or they’ll complain that their husband is not responsible for an equal potion of work around the home among other things. 

I wanted to remind you today that you are not the momma. If you’re complaining to yourself or others that your spouse is just as much work as having another child, you might want to take a look at how you treat him. Do you nag about what he’s wearing, eating, or doing with his free time? Do you ask him to do things and then complete the task for him? Are you treating him as if he can’t get things accomplished without your help? 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, most men do not want you to be their mother. And most people do not want their ever decision second guessed. If you don’t want to wait on how ever long it will take for your spouse to do something then take care of it yourself. If you’re concerned about your spouse’s health then serve healthy meals and invite them to go for a walk with you. If you’re jealous that they’re not working on the house while it’s falling down around them, figure out a way to rest as well. 

I’m not saying that husbands should get a free ride, I am saying they should be able to live in their home without being referred to as a child, nagged, belittled, and huffed at. Love your spouse, don’t be their momma, be their cheerleader, lover, confidant, helper.

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