Wednesday, October 13, 2021



Do you remember what it was like to have friends as a kid? You would play together at recess, maybe swap lunch items in the cafeteria, send notes back and forth in class. Friendship was uncomplicated. 

Sometimes as a Mrs. Pastor friendship can be very complicated and we long for the easy days of childhood friendship. When Joel and I were first married, I stumbled upon a book and in one of the chapters the author declared that your husband can’t be your everything. And I’ve found that to be true for my friends as well. Yes, I have some very close friends that I can share anything with but I also have a variety of niche friends. 

The hardest lesson that I’ve had to learn about friendship as Mrs. Pastor is that I’m not always going to be the same friend for someone that they are for me. I’ve had to accept others friendship and gladly take the gift relationship they’ve extended to me without always being able to reciprocate. And that’s not from a lack of desire, but more so a humbleness. I can’t be all things for everyone either.

So for some, I’m the meme girl, others I’m the listening ear, some I’m the one with recipes. Being friends as an adult is accepting that none of us can be everything for each other. And when we can do that, we can discover that friendship can be found anywhere. 

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