Joel and Tina met in 1999 at Austin Seminary in Texas. They became the Puntigams in the summer of 2001. After they both graduated with MDivs, Joel was ordained in the PC(USA) church as a minister of the Word and Sacrament in the Fall of 2002. That's probably when the reality of being a Mrs. Pastor settled in for Tina. We started serving our current church in Livonia, MI in 2009 the same year we started homeschooling with kindergarten our one and only daughter. It's hard to believe that this digital art-loving girl of ours will be finishing her education with us in just a few short years. 

We serve our congregation with love but we also fiercely guard one day a week as a sabbath. On that day, we let God take care of all the things and do our best to reconnect with God on a personal level as well as reconnect as a family. Most nights we share dinner together where Joel asks a question on topics that can range from science to sexuality to pop culture to current events to religion. We're pretty average to look at but we love Jesus and that love overflows into most everything we do.

I'm going to put the kettle on and we can sit down and talk while it heats because there's something I want you to know. You are not alone. Let me say that again, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. During our early years of ministry, I found a lifeline on the internet. I still find lifelines on the internet. Because of that, I hope to throw as many life preservers for others to find, too.

I've always been a writer so lots of what you find here will be written stories of how we made it through some tough times, enjoyed some good ones, and helpful tips we've discovered along the way. I also like to talk so there will be videos and maybe a podcast or two to encourage you along the way. 

As you can see from my photo, I'm not a picture-perfect pastor's wife. We don't pretend with photoshopped perfection in this place. What you will find will be real. As real as I can be, as real as I can commit to being with God's help. I know you understand this and need it as much as I do. I don't need another place to pretend to be something other people want. You and I, we go by lots of names in this world but here, in this space, we share the same name, Mrs. Pastor. 

Now let me go get that kettle and brew us some tea.